We understand quality as a philosophy to be experienced on a day to day basis and it enables us to achieve our main goal: fully satisfying our clients.

At IBIL LASER we believe that constantly improving means involves applying creativity and innovation in order to move one step ahead of the expectations of our clients.

Our R+D department is led by highly qualified and experienced staff, they are always available to clients in order to collaborate on the optimisation of their soldering process.

Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, the ongoing search and implementation of the latest technology and processes and offering the appropriate solution for each project, we obtain optimal results, thereby offering higher quality than that found on the current market.

Below are some of the systems and processes created in order to achieve the quality that distinguishes us:

IBIL-DTC: it allows us to determine the optimum relationship between design and thickness of material to ensure perfect paste depositing on each of the processed projects.

DATA-TRACE: a product traceability system involving bar codes, data matrix, etc.

CRT-AOI: this exclusive AOI technology allows us to ensure in real time that the cut and its measurements are optimal.

SCAN-CAD: high-resolution off-line scanner for double checking the manufactured product.