Rigid Frame Stencils

User-friendly rigid frame stencils require minimum set-up time.

Pantallas Marco Rígido
Pantallas Marco Rígido
Pantallas Marco Rígido


This classic aluminium profile format is currently regarded as a quality standard and one of the most widely-used formats for manufacturing SMD printing stencils.

Our rigid-frame stencils come in several sizes to adapt to any stencil printing equipment. The most common is the rigid frame measuring 29”x 29” (736x736x40).

Made from aluminium, hard-wearing plastic mesh and foil, depending on the customer or project needs, rigid frame stencils are joined by two-component adhesives which withstand any type of cleaning product on the electronics market. 

This format requires minimum set-up time and ensures excellent usability, because the stencil is ready to use as soon as it has been manufactured.

  • Excellent tension: 40-45 Nw/m2.
  • Two-component adhesives that withstand any type of cleaning process.
  • Immediate stencil change/ set-up.
  • Different frame sizes to adapt to any stencil printing/printer.

Technologies and processes

EP-Gel electropolishing for SMD stencils reduces roughness around openings by improving how the paste is deposited on the PCB

Electropulido EP-Gel

Treating SMD stencils with a nanocoating improves the paste depositing process and requires fewer cleaning cycles.


Multilevel stencils using microsoldering offer greater control of the stencil printing process by using several thicknesses in the same stencil.

Multilevel (Microsoldadura)

The multi-level micro-machining technology facilitates additional flexibility in both thicknesses and complex geometries.

Multilevel (Micromecanizado)

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