PCBA tools

From our process engineering department, working closely with our customer, we offer design, manufacturing and mounting of any type of tool, from the stencil printing process to depanelling, including any type of soldering.

We consider each project to be unique, so the tools designed and manufactured by Ibil Laser are said to be “custom-made”.

Types of PCBA tools

SMD supports are the perfect solution to make different types of PCB rigid: flexible, rigid-flexible or smaller thicknesses.

Soportes SMT

Stencil printing supports optimise the PCB support during the printing process.

Soportes Serigafía

Jedec trays are a good complement to P&P for loose components, or any that do not come on reels.

Bandejas Jedec

Adaptable solutions both for wave and selective soldering.

Universales Ajustables

The tools, carriers or trays for wave soldering are used for soldering conventional or THT components.

Soldadura por Ola

The appearance of selective soldering technology heralded the need for less tooling in the THT soldering process, but this could not have been further from the truth. 

Soldadura Selectiva

Although soldering processes are usually automated, there are phases or processes where part or all of the soldering must be done by hand.

Soldadura Manual

This type of tooling is used to pressure-assemble components, that may or may not be soldered subsequently.


Electronics are subject to high insulation requirements in some sectors, so different coating processes are applied to the PCBAs.


Usually, the assembly process is done at panel level, to optimise manufacturing times and costs.


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