Wave soldering

The tools, carriers or trays for wave soldering are used for soldering conventional or THT components.

Soldadura por Ola
Soldadura por ola
Soldadura por Ola
Soldadura por Ola


Wave soldering tools are custom-designed and manufactured. Each project is unique, as is its tooling.

Depending on the type of PCB, there can be several types: open, selective and pocket.

Both the selective and the pocket types protect specific areas of the circuit such as milling, drilling, and SMD components on the underside, among others. 

If the position or polarity of the components to be soldered must be ensured, a cover will be designed with specific or conventional pressure plates to provide this function.


  • Soldering quality
  • Repeatability
  • Keeps dirt out of the circuit
  • Protects SMD components 
  • Holds conventional components
  • Covers grooves or drill holes
  • Guarantees components’ polarity...

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