Vector Guard Stencils

The Vector Guard system makes it possible to use different stencils within the same tensioning frame.

Pantallas Vector Guard
Pantallas Vector Guard
Pantallas Vector Guard
Pantallas Vector Guard
Pantallas Vector Guard
Pantallas Vector Guard


The Vector Guard stencils, working with the Vector GuardTM patented 4-sided tensioning system, allow us to use multiple stencils in a single tensioning frame.

Quick, precise stencil-changing, no longer relying on opening- or groove-alignment.

Its aluminium border keeps the stencil rigid after tensioning, making it incredibly user-friendly, with greater protection against accidental cuts, and optimised storage space approximately ¼ of standard rigid frame stencils.

  • 4-sided mechanical tensioning system
  • Simple and fast stencil change
  • Less storage space required
  • Ergonomics and protection
  • Available in PHD and Fine Grain stainless steel
  • 80um to 200um thick

Available formats: 

  • VG260 23x23” (584x584 mm), optional 736 mm adaptor.
  • VG265 23x29” (736x584 mm), optional 736 mm adaptor.
  • VG265 WIDE 29x29” (736x736 mm)

Technologies and processes

EP-Gel electropolishing for SMD stencils reduces roughness around openings by improving how the paste is deposited on the PCB

Electropulido EP-Gel

Treating SMD stencils with a nanocoating improves the paste depositing process and requires fewer cleaning cycles.


Multilevel stencils using microsoldering offer greater control of the stencil printing process by using several thicknesses in the same stencil.

Multilevel (Microsoldadura)

The multi-level micro-machining technology facilitates additional flexibility in both thicknesses and complex geometries.

Multilevel (Micromecanizado)

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